Block-2-Block Co-Founders


- Evolution Basketball Training
- 12 years coaching experience
- 20+ College Post Players developed

Playing Experience:
- Gonzaga College High School, 1996
- American University 1996 - 1998
- LeMoyne College 1998 - 2000
- Notre Dame, Dublin Ireland (IBA)

Coaching Experience:
- St. John’s Prospect Hall, 2000 – 2002
- Evolution Basketball, 2002 - Current

Alex Harris has turned the knowledge of a successful playing career into success in developing basketball players. His record speaks for itself as he has helped evolve over 55 players from the high school level to the collegiate level, with over 25 of them being posts. The techniques Harris has developed over the past 11 years of teaching the game are an essential tool to any post player who has the desire to achieve at the next level. Harris credits his success during his career and since to strong coaching and mentoring from his coaches at both the High School and College level. Getting the opportunity to play at one of the strongest and most fundamentally sound High School programs in the country laid the ground work for his ability to pass on those skills on to the players he works with today. Harris’ post players have attended schools in the ACC, Atlantic 10, CAA, Patriot League, and MAAC, as well as numerous D2 and D3 schools.

- East Coast Fusion Development Program
- 15 years coaching experience
- 20+ College Post Players developed

Playing Experience:
- McQuaid Jesuit High School, 1994-1997
- Hargrave Military Academy, 1997-1998
- University of Virginia, 1998-2000

Coaching Experience:
- McQuaid Jesuit High School, 2000 - 2003
- East Coast Fusion, 2004 – Current

Coach Cade was considered by most as a “coach on the court” over the course of his playing career. Soon after finishing playing, he began working with players individually. In 2004, he founded the East Coast Fusion Development Program and now directs teams in both New York and Virginia. In his 15 years of working with players, he has helped to develop 35 college post players who went on to compete at all levels of college basketball (Division I, II, III, JUCO, NAIA). Playing primarily on the perimeter as a high school and college player, Coach Cade has gravitated to working with post players now that he is involved more with player development. “I had an opportunity to play with some very talented high school and college post players and it was eye-opening to find out just how limited their opportunities were to learn how to play in the post growing up.” He believes there is a need out there to develop post players to be more than just screeners and rebounders or “projects” at the collegiate level.